What is material handling?

The development, stockpiling, insurance and control of material all through the assembling and dispersion process including their utilization and removal.Material dealing with includes short-separation development inside the limits of a structure or between a structure and a transportation vehicle. It utilizes a wide scope of manual, semi-computerized, and mechanized gear and incorporates thought of the insurance, stockpiling, and control of materials all through their assembling, warehousing, conveyance, utilization, and removal. Material dealing with can be utilized to make time and spot utility through the taking care of, capacity, and control of waste, as unmistakable from assembling, which makes structure utility by changing the shape, structure, and makeup of material.


Features of 2 Levels Simple Car Parking Stacker

This system features a pallet that is lifted up and then after the car is loaded. Thus additional parking can be made available in the space below the loaded pallet. Both indoor and outdoor installation is possible. Installation can be done on simply flat area with no additional architectural work. These systems are electromechanically or hydraulically operated.

Technical Specification

• Storage capacity: – 2 Cars (hatchback, sedan, mini SUV)
Max. Car Size Consideration as follows:
• Length: – 5000mm
• Width: – 2100mm
• Height: – 2000mm
• Wheelbase: – 2800mm
• Front/Rear track: – 1900mm
• Anti-fall locking systems provided.
• Max Lifting Load: – 2000kg
• Overall Floor Space:-5000mm (L) X 2650mm (W) X 4000mm (H).
• Colour code:- Orange (RAL 2002)(The colour can be customised as per every requirement)

Material Handling Equipment

Best records in safety and servicing cost

Safe, highly durable and low maintenance

Consume less than 50% of electric energy compared to conventional lifts