What is parking stacker?

The Stack Car Parking System offered by us hope to utilize the present space in such a way,that logically number of vehicles can be left without a moment’s delay. It works on the rule of level lifting and cutting down. Its single post saves time and offers versatility when presented in basements and parking spaces. It enables the vehicle to proceed onward and get off from either side supportively. It energizes quick and basic foundation. It can in like manner be dismantled and moved.



  • Convenient installation
  •  Easy to shift to new locations


Double car park stacker

The vehicle stacker arrangement is perfect for outside establishments, for example, in gardens or tight access front and back yards. This permits you to bend over territories as parking spots or shroud vehicles totally underground, keeping the private space liberated from mess.

The car stacker scope of underground leaving places permit two vehicles to be left in a space that would normally fit just one. While one vehicle is left in the pit on the lower stage, another can be left on the rooftop when the it submerged. The rooftop can mix in with the encompassing region, leaving the lower vehicle securely and discretely left.


Best records in safety and servicing cost

Safe, highly durable and low maintenance

Consume less than 50% of electric energy compared to conventional lifts