What is fly ash brick?

Fly ash is a byproduct of power generation with coal. Sustainable ash utilisation is one of the key concerns for these units.
we derive maximum usage from the vast quantities of ash produced at its power stations. We proactively formulate detailing and deployment plans and policies for ash utilisation.We further monitors the progress in these activities and works for developing Flyash brick units for ash usage. An Ash utilisation Cell will b set up at each station handles ash utilisation activities.


Everything In Manufacturing!

Everything In Manufacturing!

Controlled with a splendid specialized skill, we production, fare and supply a wide cluster of fly ash block fabricating.,machines that are generally requested for their strong development, dependable help life and high effectiveness.We are very much bolstered by a best in class framework, front line testing gear just as great HR to give,the best scope of items at practical costs to our customers. Our uncommon quality, customer driven methodologies combined with brief conveyance plans have helped us to acquire a striking piece of the pie in the present exceptionally serious business situation.


Everything In Manufacturing!

Nano Brick making machine

This machine have capacity of generating 500-1000 bricks per hour, 1500-2000 bricks per hour, 2000-2500 bricks per hour, 2500-3000 bricks per hour, 1000-1500 bricks per hour.This has 3 automation grades manual,automatic and semi-automatic.Also have various brick types Solid, Curbstone, Interlock, Hollow, Paver with mild steel material.

Technical Specification

Capacity:  500-1000 bricks per hour,1000-1500 bricks per hour, 1500-2000 bricks per hour, 2000-2500 bricks per hour, 2500-3000 bricks per  hour.                            

Automation Grade:  Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Method: Hydraulic Pressure, Autoclave Aerated

Brick Type: Solid, Curbstone, Interlock, Hollow, Paver

Material: Mild Steel


Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

Our Fly ash/Cement brick making plant has been intended to make fly debris blocks with Eco agreeable innovation. It is a straightforward and practical innovation accessible in the Country. The core of the plant is designed, a generally lowcost and high efficiency machine. Other segment machines of the plant comprises ofPan Mixture, Conveyor, Pallet trucks, Wheel Borrows and wooden Pallets areEconomically and effectively intended to give a most extreme yield.

Technical Specification

Power Source : Electric                 

Capacity: 500-1000 bricks per hour

Method: Hydraulic Pressure, Autoclave Aerated

Automation Grade: Automatic

Frequency: 50Hz

Safe and Highly Durable

Low Maintanance

Consume less than power